Proiect IDEI PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0812
       Traduction culturelle et littérature /
       littératures francophones :

       histoire, réception et critique des traductions

Project Objectives

      • a systematic research, based on original elements, of  the history, reception and criticism of cultural translation of French / francophone literature(s) into other languages (especially into Romanian)
      • illustrating and enriching the concept of cultural translation starting from a research on a corpus of francophone literature in its cultural plural dimension
      • redefining and completing the concept of francophone literature with that of francophone literature avant la lettre
      • maintaining and developing contact and exchanges with foreign researchers in the field
      • increasing the visibility of Romanian Translation Studies research on an international level by publishing articles in prestigious journals and volumes in the field
      • encouraging young researchers to develop their careers in a competitive and creative atmosphere.

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