Proiect IDEI PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0812
       Traduction culturelle et littérature /
       littératures francophones :

       histoire, réception et critique des traductions

Results 2012

Report 2012

Preparation of the issues 17 and 18 of the magazine Atelier de traduction and of the theme L’histoire de la traduction en question(s) that exploit and disseminate some of the project’s results.

  • Work meetings around the theme : the contributions of the team members and of the external collaborators.
  • The discussion, the completion and the achievement of the contributions to both issues of the magazine in order to be published in the volume.


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The participation of the researchers to scientific events, conferences, meetings with specialists in this area in Romania and abroad, completing the theme of the project:

  • The conference J.M.G. Le Clézio, explorateur des royaumes de l’enfance University of Malta (18-19 May 2012). Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU took part and presented the paper „L’enfance et l’enfantin chez Le Clézio – stratégies de traduction”, that will be published in April 2013.


  • The international conference The history of translations from and in Romanian, organized by the Translation Centre, University of Vienna, Austria (28-29 June). Participants in the project: Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU, paper „O secvenţă din istoria traducerii literaturii franceze în limba română: traducerea poveştilor lui Perrault”; Raluca-Nicoleta BALAŢCHI, paper „Dinamica retraducerii şi locul acesteia în istoria traducerii din limba franceză în limba română”. The papers will be published in French (Frank und Timme Publishing House, TransÜD collection) and in Romanian (Editura Universităţii din Iaşi) in 2013.


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  • International conference Le manger et le dire, Brussels, Université Libre de Bruxelles (19-22 September ). Participants in the project: Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU and Raluca-Nicoleta BALAŢCHI with the paper „Le lexique de la nourriture et de la cuisine à l’épreuve de la traduction”.

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  • The international conference La cohérence discursive à l’épreuve : traduction et homogénéisation organized by the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 (12-13 Octomber 2012). Daniela HĂISAN took part at this conference.
  • The international conference 3e Assises du plurilinguisme, organized by the Observatoire Européen du Plurilinguisme at Sapienza University, Rome, Italy (10-12 octomber 2012). Cristina DRAHTA took part as an observer.
  • The international conference Les études françaises aujourd’hui : De la pensée à son expression, organized by the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities from Novi Sad, Serbia (9-10 October 2012). Anca-Andreea CHETRARIU took part and presented the paper ”Regard sur les théories de la traduction en Roumanie”.
  • The international conference Langues et cultures dans le temps et dans l’espace 2, organized by the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities from Novi Sad, Serbia the 24th of November 2012. Participants: Cristina DRAHTA with the paper „Temps et espace chez Savatie Baştovoi traduit en français” and Daniela HĂISAN with the paper „Traduire Amontillado en français et en roumain : amont, aval et confluence”.
  • The international conference L’Interculturalité à travers la linguistique, la littérature et la traduction (29 march 2012), ULIM, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova. Elena-Brânduşa STEICIUC (researcher in the project between january-july 2012), took part and presented the paper „L’interculturalité à travers la linguistique, la littérature et la traduction”. 
  • The conference Les Journées de la Francophonie :  problématique(s), „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iaşi (30-31 March 2012). Iulia CORDUŞ took part and presented the paper „La langue française, langue de complexité, culture et raffinement”.



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The organization of the round table Histoire de la traduction. Repères et perspectives (26 October 2012).

Participants: Professor Michaël OUSTINOFF, prof. dr. Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU, prof. dr. Elena-Brânduşa STEICIUC, conf. dr. Nathalie HERVÉ, lector dr. Raluca-Nicoleta BALAŢCHI, lector dr. Cristina-Maria DRAHTA, lector dr. Daniela HĂISAN, drd. Anca-Andreea CHETRARIU, researcher Iulia Corduş, dr. Constantin Tiron, dr. Petronela Munteanu, dr. Loredana Mititiuc.
The event was coordinated by Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU, the director of the project.  The main guest was Professor Michaël OUSTINOFF, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, France, famous translation studies specialist, author of the works Bilinguisme d’écriture et auto-traduction. Julien Green, Samuel Beckett, Vladimir Nabokov, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2001, La traduction, PUF, "Que sais-je ?", 2012, member in the board of the magazines Hermès, CNRS Editions and Palimpsestes, Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle. After the opening speech delivered by Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU, who evoked the memory of the famous translator and literary critic Irina Mavrodin, Michaël Oustinoff delivered a conference entitled Historiographie de la traduction et Culture-Monde, where he spoke about present aspects of the history of translation in and from French, such as: interdisciplinarity, cultural translation, globalization, linguistic imaginary.  
The conference proceeded with the paper of Nathalie HERVÉ, University of Nantes, who spoke about the particularities of translation in French during the XVIth century.
Elena-Brânduşa STEICIUC and Raluca-Nicoleta BALAŢCHI presented issue number 17 of the magazine Atelier de traduction, dedicated to the history of translation and to the memory of  Irina Mavrodin.
The two sessions that completed the conference gathered paper on translation studies that enriched the research on the history of translation of French literature into Romanian. Specialists discussed about translation, re-translation and adaptation into Romanian of the works by some important authors: Flaubert (a paper by Constantin TIRON), Hugo (a paper by Petronela MUNTEANU), Loredana MITITIUC analyzed concepts of cultural translation.  
The members of the project Traduction culturelle et littérature / littératures francophones : histoire, réception et critique des traductions contributed to this round table with the following papers:

  • Cristina DRAHTA and Iulia CORDUŞ with the paper „Les conditions d’une bonne traduction selon Alexandru Odobescu”; 
  • Raluca-Nicoleta BALAŢCHI and Daniela HĂISAN with the paper „Le rôle des revues de traductologie dans l’histoire de la traduction”;
  • Anca-Andreea CHETRARIU with the paper ”L’œuvre de traduction d’Irina Mavrodin : repère dans l’histoire de la traduction de la littérature française en roumain”.

Researsch and documentation placement
 In order to update and add up the required bibliography for the accomplishment of the exploratory research project (or elaboration of the Master degree or Ph.D thesis, in the case of researchers to be), there were established the following research stages:

  • at the University Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, March 2012 (Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU, in order to finish the volume Pour une lecture critique des traductions for Harmattan Publishing House) and October 2012 (Daniela HǍISAN);  
  • at the University in Malta, in the field of literal translation and the history of translation, 16-22 May 2012 (Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU);
  • at ISTI, HEB, Institut Supérieur des Traducteurs et d’Interprètes, Hautes Ecole de Bruxelles, 6-11 October 2012, on translation in French (Muguraş Constantinescu);
  • at University „Sophia Antipolis”, Nice, France, 16-22 May 2012 (Elena-Brânduşa STEICIUC);


  • at University  „Aristote”, Thessaloniki, Greece, 4-6 June 2012 (Elena-Brânduşa STEICIUC) ;
  • at the Central University Library ’Mihai Eminescu’ in Iaşi ( 5-7 June 2012) in order to prepare the participation to the International Conference The history of translations from and in Romanian organized by the Centre for Translation, University from Vienna, 28-29 June (Raluca-Nicoleta BALAŢCHI); during 28-30 March 2012, in order to write the article „La langue française – langue de complexité, culture et raffinement”, presented at the conference Les Journées de la Francophonie. La Francophonie (:) problématique, , Iaşi, 30-31 March 2012 (Iulia Corduş); between the 15-19 October 2012, for the article “Constantin Negruzzi – an episode of the French literature translation”,  in the process of being published in the papers of the conference The history of translations in and from Romanian , that took part in Vienna, between the 28-29 of June 2012  (Iulia Corduş);
  • at the interuniversitary Library „Sainte Geneviève”, Paris, France, between  7-12 June 2012; the research was aimed at writing the article  Traduire en roumain la terminologie soviétique employée par Andreï Makine, for the magazine  Atelier de traduction, nr. 17 (Cristina DRAHTA);
  • at the universitary Library Libre de Brussels, Belgium,  between the 8-14 Septembre,  research for the conference Traces, Fragments, Restes which will take place beteween  the 28-30 of March 2013 at the University Georgia Institute of Technology from Atlanta (Cristina DRAHTA);


  • at the Central University Library from Bucharest ( 23- 29 Septembre 2012), in order to elaborate two papers that were presented in some scientifical events that took part in October and November (Anca-Andreea CHETRARIU);
  • at the university Library of the University Sapienza in Rome, Italy, October 2012, as part of the research for the conference Langues et cultures dans le temps et dans l’espace 2, organized by the Faculty of Philosophy from Novi Sad, Serbia,  on the 24 Novembre 2012 (Cristina DRAHTA);
  • at the National French Library (Site François Mitterrand) between the 15-19 Octombre 2012, in order to elaborate a presentation for the round table conference Histoire de la traduction. Repères et perspectives (26 Octombre 2012) and an article on „La terminologie maritime chez Poe”, published afterwards in  Atelier de traduction nr. 18 (Daniela HĂISAN);
  • at the Romanian Academy Library Bucharest, between the 28 Octombre – the 2nd Novembre 2012, in order to write the article  “Constantin Negruzzi – an episode of the French literature translation” in the process og being published in the papers of the conference The history of translations in and from Romanian , that took part in Vienna, between the 28-29 of June 2012  (Iulia Corduş).

Contacts with important specialists, possible contributors to the magazine Atelier de traduction 
Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU corresponded by e-mail with Charles Le Blanc, Associated Professor at the School of Translation and Interpreting, University of Ottawa, Canada, specialist in translation studies, literary translation, history of translation, German classic philosophy. The interview was published in issue number 17 of Atelier de traduction.
In issue number 18 of Atelier de traduction, Muguraş CONSTANTINESCU interviews Jean-Yves Masson, writer and translator, researcher and professor of compared literature at Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV).
The collaboration with important specialists, old contributors to the magazine was consolidated.
An important scientific exchange with Professor Michaël OUSTINOFF (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III), translation studies specialist, was set.
By participating to different conferences, the members of the project established new contacts and had discussions about contributing to Atelier de traduction, already materialized in issues 17 and 18 (ex. Marc Charron, Canada; Émilie-Geneviève Audigier, Brazil; Karen Bruneaud-Wheal, France; Saverina Pasho, Albania etc.).


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